Our Mission


The New York Kathak Festival is a newly formed organization that presents and promotes dancers, scholars, and practitioners of Kathak, a classical dance tracing its origins to India. We produce a festival bringing together established and emerging artists from across the United States and beyond. The New York Kathak Festival is produced by the American Kathak community, inspiring creative exchange between local Kathak artists and diverse New York audiences.

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Our Team

The New York Kathak Festival is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is run by a team of young professionals who live and work in New York metropolitan area. The NYKF is our passion above and beyond our professional careers in industries ranging from fashion, technology, finance, fitness, education, journalism, marketing, and medicine.

As a group of young professionals who love Kathak, we strongly believe that we must set a foundation for Indian art + culture to thrive in New York. We have learned so much through Kathak: history, music, literature, respect, discipline, focus, and more, and we take it as our responsibility to make sure these traditions and values carry on to future generations of South Asians in America.


Rahul Banerji


Neha Bansal


Pratibha Goyal


Henna Khanijou


Urvashie Kissoon



Meenakshi Lala

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Anisha Muni


Geeta Purushuttam

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Minder Singh


Mitali Sonar



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Our Values


We bring the American Kathak community together by inviting all in: creating a platform for dancers of every style, guru, and lineage. NYKF is not about promoting any one individual or group—it’s about the dance.

Local + global

Kathak first came to the US in the 1950s and 1960s through New Yorkers who travelled to India to learn from masters. Inspired by them, we aspire to create fertile ground for genuine exchange by welcoming global artists and diverse local audiences — inspiring innovative art and expression for all. 


NYKF’s success is opening Kathak students, dancers, and new audiences to the magic of the dance. We inspire and encourage their imaginations to learn and share. 


Our team is comprised of a cross section of Kathak dancers, scholars, and aficionados from different lineages, styles, and teachers/gurus. The festival is our expression of gratitude for the art that our teachers have passed to us, and their teachers passed to them —against difficult odds, and often without recognition. 


We seek to add the voices of a new generation of curators, practitioners + advocates of the art—holding space for Kathak dancers to challenge norms around the limits of their creative expression, and speak the truths of their new contexts.